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       Note:   I am Updating major changes to our business 

                               Farmers Markets:  

                              Greenwood market 

                            Saturadays  8 am-12 

                      Location: Greenwood UMC

                             525 N Madison Ave

                                 Starting June 30      

                   Franciscan Health Farmer's market  

                    Every Wednesdays 11am-2pm 

                  Franciscan Health Weight Loss Center

                             5230 E. Stop 11 Road  


                         We have Finished 45 years as owners of Whiteland Orchard at 5559 Graham Rd 

                                Our only presence will be Farmers' Markets(see above for locations)

                                          We will have  few plants and will be growing vegetables.  


Apple Cider

Apple Cider  Sold out

  Fresh-pressed cider was available in our Farm Market.  Our fresh naturally sweet and refreshing apple cider is not available now.. Our cider is not pasteurized and no preservatives were added.


Fresh Apples

Fresh Apples

  Fresh apples are the pride of the orchard,

           Check below for availability

         Jonathan ---sold out

          Honeycrisp-- sold out

         Mutsu--sold out

         Ida Red--sold out

         Red Delicious--sold out

         Stayman Winesap --sold out

          Golden Delicious--sold out

           Golden Supreme-sold out

          September Wonder Fuji--sold out

          Jonagold---sold out

          Cortland ---sold out

            Gala--sold out

         McIntosh--sold out 

         Paula Red----sold out






Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits

  SOLD OUT of South Carolina Yellow Peaches

   Peach season was short this year due to spring frost. They were great to eat fresh, bake or freeze. Nothing is better than a sweet juicy peach!

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Vegetables Sold out

 Check next spring for Fresh produce at Greenwood and Fransican Alliance Farmers' markets for sweet peppers,  Zucchini, green beans, okra, and other delectable fresh vegetables that  are planted in the spring and ready to eat by July; tomatoes start ripening late July. Shop at Greenwood Farmers' market and Fransican Alliance(St Francis) farmers's market  to take advantage of  savory, in-season produce.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Frozen Fruits and Vegetable--Sold out

Orders for frozen fruits and vegetables will start in July with deadline Aug. 22. Order produce that will keep you stocked until the next growing season. Order will be delivered on August 30.. Order sheets will be mailed to you on request.There will be only one delivery in 2020 which was in August.

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples--Sold out

Caramel apples are now being dipped. Juicy apples are hand-dipped in caramel and chopped mixed nuts. Just one of the reasons that fall brings back mouth-watering memories.


Pumpkins--Sold out

Pumpkin Patch is now CLOSED !  As the mascot for fall, pumpkins can be used for jack-o-lanterns, centerpieces, and pies.  Pie pumpkins are at our store..

Local Honey

Local Honey

 That drizzle of honey in your tea, cereal, or on a biscuit gives every day a hint of smooth, sweet flavor. Available all year in our store, locally-produced honey should be a staple on your pantry shelf.

Apple Butter, Jellies and Preserves

Apple Butter, Jellies and Preserves

Maintaining that fresh fruit flavor year-round, our selection of apple butter, jellies, and preserves add a sweet and tangy note to your breads. Stop in our Farm Market to see which spreads line the shelves this month.

Frozen Persimmon Pulp

Frozen Persimmon Pulp

Desserts made with persimmons are sweet and delicious; you’ll want persimmons on your holiday menu. Their short shelf life, however, makes frozen pulp the best option. Find this flavorful fruit in our Farm Market.  2020 CROP is For Sale in our store NOW! 

Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants

       Sorry  our greenhouses will be closed next spring.

Bulk Garden Seeds

Bulk Garden Seeds

Planting your own seeds and cultivating personal plants can be relaxing, gratifying and providing fresh produce for home gardeners.  Sorry we will not be handling bulk garden seeds next year,

Canning Supplies

Canning Supplies

 Sorry canning supplies of jars and lids are out.  We have a few helpful canning utensils -lid wand, bubble eliminator, & jar lifters,    Enjoy your produce all winter by preserving your home-grown fruits and vegetables. .

Marion Kay Spices

Marion Kay Spices

Delight your taste buds with Marion-Kay spices, the perfect addition to many of our fresh and frozen vegetables. Marion-Kay’s 100 year reputation of high quality spices makes us proud to supply their products on our shelves year-round.


Since purchasing Whiteland Orchard 45 years ago, Glenn and Becky Haveman have been dedicated to providing fresh apples—as well as many other types of produce and plants—to Johnson County, Indiana residents. The first trees of the orchard were planted in 1933 by Edgar Brown, (the original owner)then Carl and Irene Johnson, making Haveman’s the third family to own and operate the orchard.

Glenn and Becky—Buckeye Alumni of Ohio State University—both grew up on farms and studied agronomy and nursing, respectively, in college. They dreamed of one day owning their own farm, and were delighted when the orchard went up for sale in 1975. With the addition of greenhouses in 1987, they created their own farm complete with their five children. The children are grown, and help out when needed. We have 10 grandchildren.

The Whiteland Orchard encompasses 30+ acres, 3 greenhouses, and “Our Farm Market”, where they sold produce, cider and other products  year-round. “Our Farm Market” is the place to find everything your family needs to make wholesome, delicious meals. Stop in the greenhouses, as well, to see which plants are on display and available for purchase.

Areas Served

Based in Whiteland, Indiana, we also proudly serve New Whiteland, Bargersville, Edinburgh, Franklin, Greenwood, Princes Lakes, Trafalgar, Indianapolis, Columbus, and visitors from all around Indiana and the U.S. We’re located a half mile north of Whiteland Road on Graham Road and a half mile south of Tracy Road. You can also find us at the Greenwood Farmers Market.


Seasonal Products



Spring is the time of growth for the new season; so visit the greenhouse to purchase vegetable and flower plants and “Our Farm Market” to purchase garden seeds, onion sets, and seed potatoes.



Summer brings a full bounty of freshly-grown products to your table. Apples, other fruits, and vegetables are available starting in July with each having its own time to ripen. That’s also when you can put in your order for frozen fruits and vegetables, to keep you stocked through the winter.



Celebrate fall with apple cider, caramel apples, and pumpkins! . Fresh apples, other fruits, and vegetables are available as well, giving you plenty of reasons to come for a visit. Go to our Pumpkin Patch and have the fun of choosing your special pumpkin in the vines where they grow.



Enjoy fresh apples are great for eating fresh and baking.  Check apple box above for varieties that are still available this winter 2020..




Local honey, Johnson county popcorn, apple butter, jellies, preserves, frozen persimmon pulp ,fresh or frozen cider, caramel corn, Marion-Kay spices, canning supplies, kitchen utensils and Marion-Kay spices are always available at Our Farm Market.

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5559 North Graham Road, Whiteland, Indiana 46184
Take Whiteland exit off of I -65; go west from I -65 turning north on Graham Rd at roundabout. Go 1/2 mile. Store on right. 


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"We like doing business with people who are totally invested in our community. We find the Havemans to be fair and congenial, people of faith and conscience. Shopping and visiting at the same stop? It’s a good thing."
-Jean Devore, Greenwood